Since I’ve been back from Thailand, the first question everyone asks me is, “How was your trip?”  I’d love to wow everyone by rattling off a clear, concise answer to accurately describe everything that I saw, and felt, and experienced….But I’m better at taking photos than I am at writing.

I guess if I had to sum it, I would say it was a fabulous vacation!  I loved the Thai people, the smiles, the food…OH MY GOSH the food! I loved the bustle of Bangkok and the serene deserted beaches off the coast of Krabi. I loved the sky train, the longtails and the cheap cab rides. There really wasn’t much I didn’t love. Since a picture says a thousand words, I’ll leave you with a small novel:

Bangkok was only a small portion of our trip-  I’ll be posting photos from the beach soon!

  • Glenda said:

    Wow... absolutely amazing Laura, thanks for sharing those. I'm not sure I really want to know "what" some of those food item are Ü

  • Laura said:

    Glenda, wait until you see my next post from the beach. The food there was very...exotic! I'll post pics!

  • abby said:

    Laura, these are AMAZING! you should create a coffee table book out of these and have them published, or sell the photos (for major $$, of course) to the Thai Tourism board! :)
    And ~ i think you favorite pic is great - i love how the boat is illuminated from the reflection of the water.

  • Jessica said:

    wow, stunning Laura..I feel like I was there with you view those photos...minus our frigid cold here :) Can't wait for the beach pics!

  • Alexia said: the photos! You are an amazing photographer...I love you photojournalistic take...I was in Thailand in November and its really cool to see your perspective on this amazing country!