More film goodness on the blog this week! I helped style and shot this beautiful couple back in December is snowy, cold Chicago. It was SERIOUSLY cold the day of the shoot, so a special thanks to our fabulous couple who did an amazing job snuggling and keeping warm! Also, thanks to my dear friends and “Italy Girls,” Melissa, Molly, Jen, Yazy, and Katie. I met these girls at the Jose Villa workshop in Italy in the fall of 2009 and I am so lucky to call them friends!

  • Oh my goodness! Love the snow, it is a wonderland. Beautiful shoot!

  • candis said:

    Gorgeous! Love her grey knitted shawl and gloves. Beautiful details.

  • Gina said:

    This is SO beautiful. SO SO Amazing. I love your work. The one with the tree, so great I can't wait for you too us soon! :)

    MUCH LOVE. Laura you are amazing!

  • Awesome pictures! I love the color against the snow. Film or digital?

  • Laura said:

    Thank you everyone! David, all of the images in this post are film- Fuji Pro 400H, shot on the Contax 645.

  • geneoh said:

    Love it, Laura! Yay film.

  • amy said:

    the color and lighting in this shoot is amazing!!

  • Bea-u-tiful. I detest winter but you made it look magical. LOVE.

  • Stacy Able said:

    Gorgeous as always-- you are so talented! I am honored to have you as a friend!

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