What’s not to love about Sarah & Ryan? They are the sweetest duo and I couldn’t stop laughing during their engagement session. Sarah is so full of life and her smile is truly contagious. She and Ryan complement each other perfectly.  We incorporated one of their favorite activities, biking, into their session. I was in love with their duo red, Scwhinn cruisers. Makes me want to add a cruiser to my bike collection (which only currently contains a road bike, albeit, a fantastic road bike!). Thank you for the amazing time!  Can’t wait for your big day, you two!

  • Helgs said:

    LOVE it! Really LIV style!

  • Sarah said:

    Thanks for the fun session, Laura!

  • sarah wu said:

    So adorable, are these film too? Love the smile!

  • Laura said:

    Thank you my friends! Sarah H., so glad you had fun too! :) Sarah Wu, yes indeed these are film. All Fuji 400H on the Contax 645 or Canon 1V. :)