I love my clients! I got this email from lovely bride, Rachel, and it totally made my day!! I am SO THANKFUL to get to do what I do and be a part of such an important day in my clients’ lives! See what Rachel had to say, and Happy Weekend everyone! :-)

“Hi Laura,

I DID receive the disk! We cannot stop looking at them!!. SOOOOO thankful for all you did for us! You work so hard and are so incredibly talented. I have never felt better about pictures of myself (and you know how girls are about pics of themselves). Anyways, I could rave about you all day! Nap too- he LOVES the pictures. And our families! And friends!

I’m sad I’m done working with you :(. I bet a lot of people say that. I just wish I could do it ALL again. Okay, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything!! I will keep following your blog and will tell everyone about you!

Alright, take care, Laura. It was wonderful to have you be a special part of our special day!!