Where do I begin?! It was so incredible to be a part of Nancy & Seth’s intimate wedding day on the beautiful island of Capri off the coast of Naples, Italy. Destination weddings are always special because it’s typically a small group setting and we spend several days together. I love getting to know the most important people in a couple’s life! Nancy & Seth’s wedding was even more intimate, as it was literally just the couple, myself, my second shooter, and the officiant along for the ride!  Nancy and Seth are avid travelers and they envisioned a beautiful destination and exchanging vows in a private setting. When discussing potential locations, the Almafi Coast was high on the list and they eventually settled on the island of Capri, finding the perfect place to say “I do.”

I knew from the very first email that I adored this couple and after meeting in person over the perfect bottle of wine, my adoration turned to love and their wedding day couldn’t come fast enough!

Fast forward several months, and before we knew it, the big day was here.  Some elements were the same as a traditional wedding day- the bride and groom prepared in separate hotel rooms, they had a joyful, excited first look, but then we spent hours and hours exploring the island and finding cute little nooks to photograph.  We stopped for gelato, wandered the city, and the bride and groom were even surprised by rounds of applause and surprise champagne toasts in the streets.  Of course, there’s no shortage of locations on Capri!!  We ended the day with a sunset ceremony on the balcony of their hotel room overlooking the sea. I literally had tears streaming down my face and am so honored to have been their witness and sign their marriage license- a first for me as a wedding photographer!  During the ceremony, the weather started to make a turn for the worse.  It seemed as though it would storm at any minute and literally 5 minutes after the ceremony ended, the island was hit with a crazy tropical downpour that lasted the entire night.  After the ceremony Nancy & Seth enjoyed a private dinner while Jesi & I drank wine, ate pizza and reminisced about what an amazing day it had been.

Seth & Nancy, I couldn’t be happier for you! I can’t wait to see what adventures life brings your way and I’m so excited for you to look back on this crazy wedding/elopement 50 years from now and think back to what an amazing time it was. The whole experience was a dream for me too and I can’t thank you guys enough for your trust in me and for allowing me to be your travel companion.

  • Seth & Nancy said:

    Oh my goodness, Laura!!!! These pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!! We are just overwhelmed with emotion that you were able to capture this day so perfectly. We are so happy that you and Jesi could be there and thank you for all of your efforts in helping to make this day, and our memories, so special. You both will have a special place in our hearts and we cannot thank you enough for these lasting images. We are looking forward to sharing them with our friends and family, and are grateful to have two new wonderful friends!

  • Emily said:

    Stunning, Laura! Truly!

  • Huey and Terrie said:

    Absolutely beautiful and fitting for a beautiful couple.

  • Anne-Marie said:

    Gorgeous Laura! You've captured the essence of Capri, the beauty of Capri and incredible moments between this bride and groom. Standing ovation my friend :) xo

  • Butch McCartney said:

    Absolutely Floored. Beautiful job, Laura! What an experience!

  • Jen O. said:

    These are amazing, Laura! What a beautiful couple.

  • Wow, Laura. These pictures are incredible! What a special day to be a part of!

  • Amanda said:

    Laura, these photos brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know this couple. You definitely captured the love and magic of their special day!

  • Amy said:

    These are magical!!! Simply stunning!

  • Constance said:

    These pictures are stunning! This is the perfect wedding and your pictures captured everything that I was told about the beautiful day. It's great to see her story come alive, just amazing!

  • Myra McDonald said:

    Congratulations! What beautiful pictures. Hope to see you both next week. Nancy, welcome to the family! Aunt Myra

  • Katie said:

    Oh my word...these are absolutely beautiful!!! You are so incredibly talented Laura : )

  • I read only the 1st paragraph before looking at these beautiful photos, & then went back up and read the rest (because I wanted to see what the story was behind the iPhone photo, if it was included in your post) and only then did I notice that the wedding was so secluded. You did an amazing job sharing the day and it was as if there was a "usual" large audience there with them! Bravo! As someone who was married in Hawaii (just the 2 of us, and our videographer and photographer were our witnesses!) it is nice to see this. A wedding can "include" others without their actual presence. Fantastic photos that really captured the entire day of love!