I don’t recall exactly how this session came about, but Gina & I chatted about capturing a session on film; documenting her and her husband as they are, right now. Gina is a photographer (an amazingly talented photographer) and travels a lot, not only for her photography work, but also inspiring people around the country. Matt is busy too; involved in his community, as a teacher and training for a half marathon with Gina by his side. Since downtime is rare for this couple, they try to spend weekend mornings together when they can, making breakfast (Matt flipping pancakes!), lounging in their PJs and hanging out with their pup, Mya. All creative credit to this session is completely due to Gina’s brilliant ideas and planning. I was so happy to be a part of this shoot and document the laughter, smiles and hugs (and body slams). Not to mention their beautiful, airy home. Hello, can I move in?!

Thank you Zeidlers!

  • so so so so so so cute my friends! Laura, this is documented so beautifully playful and Gina, so so not surprised at how amazing you look on camera! You and Matt are just adorable and your joy radiates through all of those photos! :) LOVE THEM! :)

  • jessica said:

    So gorgeous, I just love how film looks! The colors are amazing :)

  • BEAUTIFUL!! This made my heart smile...beautiful couple and beautiful perfect!

  • Jenay said:

    Love, love, love these! Beautiful couple, Beautiful photographs!

  • Jenay said:

    Love, love, love these!

  • tasha said:

    oh my. oh my. oh my!! these are so wonderful and cute and playful and lovely and and and.... :) bea-u-ti-ful couple and equally stunning images!!

  • Julia Mary said:

    Laura! These are amazing -- seriously love them all! You captured them beautifully!

  • amy said:

    Gaw!! So gorgeous!!! I am in love with this set! Gina you are beautiful!! And Laura you did an amazing A–MAzing job on these photos. Just beautiful!

  • Syd said:

    Omg I could not BE more inspired and in love with this session !! Yay Zeidlers and yay Laura!! My heart is bursting! Xoxo.

  • Mandi said:

    Oh my goodness Laura, you captured them PERFECTLY!!!! I love this post so so much!!!!!

  • monika rae said:

    What a sweet session - so, SO lovely!

  • sarah wu said:

    Oh my gosh these are super super cute.

  • These are so beautiful Laura! Your talent shines through every image!

  • Lauren said:

    Oh my goodness, Laura! You did a beautiful job on this session, and GINA! You are adorable!

  • Stacey said:

    These are just the sweetest thing ever!!! Love! The green is such a great pop, the love so playful, and I'd love to know where you got the gray and white striped bedding. Gorgeously photographed on film :-)

  • Kristin said:

    Awesome! I just adore this session! These are so wonderful and such a great way to document life as it is!