• Why Film?

  • Call me old fashioned, but film is my medium of choice, and I absolutely adore everything about it! Film photography has a classic, ethereal quality. It radiates warmth. The colors are soft yet vivid, and skin tones naturally glow. From an artistic perspective, I love that film encourages me to shoot with intention. I carefully compose each and every shot, looking for the perfect lighting, angle, and backdrop. (But, you can rest assured that after a decade as a wedding photographer, I never miss a moment!) The result is timeless and organic- a true, raw representation of the subject. Shooting film makes me excited and energizes me creatively, and an excited photographer will do anything to get the shot! An excited photographer is infectious and will bring out the joy and beauty in you.

    The best part? When my clients see their photographs, they've never felt so beautiful and appreciate all the qualities about film that I love too. Their images will stand the test of time.

    Though film is my preference, and the sessions I photograph are all film, digital also has a place in my wedding and event work, as some lighting situations call for the versatility of digital imagery. I carry a full array of the top-of-the-line digital and film equipment with backups of my backups. My experienced second photographer shoots digitally, while our third team member is there to assist, load film so I don't have to, and ensure your day flows as smoothly as possible. Your images, whatever the format, are edited into a flawless, cohesive story, and you'll receive perfected, high resolution files ready to share, and print, and love.