In honor of St Patrick’s Day, a small group of friends and I decided to hop in a car, road trip to Chicago and celebrate. Now, I must confess, I’m not normally big on celebrating St Patrick’s Day; I mean, I’m not Irish in the least, and it’s just typically not on my radar, but Chicagoans take this holiday really seriously. Like, really. You can’t help but get in the spirit in this city! We had a good time out on the town and practically everyone we met had traveled to Chicago (from New York, LA) just for the occasion.

It was fun to partake in the festivities, but rather than sharing pictures of people dressed in green, drinking green beer, I want to share little bits and pieces of the city. I love cities and their architecture. Chicago is one of my favorites. I decided not to bring my “real” cameras and instead decided to document the weekend soley using Instagram, the most awesome app ever invented. Are you on Instagram?! Follow me @lauraivanova.