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I am a firm believer that photographs are meant to be printed!!  Nothing makes me happier than to know that my clients have a beautiful heirloom piece of art that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Let’s back up a bit, because I totally understand the importance of digital files.  Digital files are a MUST for the majority of my couples.  I now present all finished galleries in a gorgeous online interface, that can be accessed on any device, including your iPhone or iPad.  You can download images directly to your phone/computer or showcase them in a instant on a a variety of social media platforms, which makes sharing your favorite images with loved ones an absolute breeze.  You can also order gorgeous, archival quality prints, all of which are fully retouched and edited to perfection before being delivered to your front door.  Easy & convenient.  Prints are beautiful, and wonderful, and a great way display images on the walls/shelves/tabletops of your home.

Having your digital files is great, given our social-media-driven, digital world.  But, where will those photos be in a few years?  Sad to say, but they’ll likely be buried on a hard drive, or the prettily-packaged flash drive I sent you so long ago, will be tossed in a drawer.  And, can I be honest for a second?  I have hundreds and hundreds of images from my own wedding (and I’m so glad I have them should I ever need them) but I love looking through my absolute favorite images; the highlight reel of our amazing day; in our wedding album.

No doubt, albums are a huge investment.  Albums are painstakingly custom designed, telling your unique story using your unique images.  No two albums look alike.  You can be involved in the revision process, to ensure your story is perfectly presented using all your favorite images.   Your album will be printed on the finest, archival quality photo paper; images that will last a lifetime.  The prints are adhered to matte board for rigidity and longevity, and your album is constructed by skilled artisans, by hand, using the materials you select and all the custom options you chose.   The level of craftsmanship, for a product made right here in the USA, for an art piece that will last a lifetime, is well worth the price.  I know planning a wedding (and often a honeymoon, and sometimes moving to a new home) is expensive, but if you can swing it, I truly believe albums are worth the investment.

Albums are really a gift for you.  They’re not easy to share.  It’s not instantaneous like Instagram or Facebook, but it is beautiful and tangible.  It’s an art piece for your home together.  Holding an image in your hands and looking at a print is completely different than glancing at it online.  An album is something you can reminisce over every anniversary.  Something you can share with future generations.  Something you’ll still have when you’re 84 and still celebrating your love and the life you’ve built.

Michelle & Conner chose a classic champagne silk 10×10 album for themselves and 2, smaller 8×8 albums for their parents.  I’m so happy they’ll have these gorgeous, timeless albums to remember their day!

fine_art_album_01 fine_art_album_02 fine_art_album_03

I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of Laura & Daniel’s Fine Art Albums before sending them off to the lovely couple and their parents. Laura & Daniel kept it classic and simple and chose a champagne silk cover with their names elegantly imprinted on the front. I love the simplicity.

  • kristen - These are seriously lovely albums Laura!

  • David - Beautiful Albums. I really like those covers!

I loved Bridget & Scott’s wedding oh so much, that I now have a gorgeous new sample album from their lovely wedding day to share at my studio!  I love wedding albums and think they are the best way to tell the story of your wedding day.  I offer many album options and customizations to create the perfect album just for you.   Please get in touch for more info!

  • Laura - you are an album wizard! These are beautiful :D