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Meet beautiful Steph!!  Steph is strong, confident woman and has such a positive outlook and attitude. I think it comes through in her images. She’s a true survivor!! When I asked her if I could share a few of her images on my blog, this is what she had to say:

“I’m happy to let you share them, and I’m honored to represent and hopefully inspire other “mature” women who may be telling themselves they’re too old to do a fun and sexy boudoir shoot.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone but it was a huge self-esteem booster and the whole experience was a blast. Thanks for making it so much fun and for capturing beautiful, artistic images that my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. I will definitely recommend you and your boudoir shoots to my girlfriends!”

Thank you Steph!! I love that my clients feel empowered by this experience. Thanks for letting us share your images and message! ;) Thank you also, to Emily J. for bringing out the best in Steph with her gorgeous hair and makeup.

I am so enamored with Sarah & Allen! Sarah sent me the sweetest email after viewing her photos for the first time and I just wanted to share!! (P.S. You can check out Sarah & Allen’s wedding photos here on my blog, or check out their just married session, engagement in NYC or fabulous feature on Style Me Pretty!!

Thank you Sarah! Your email absolutely made my day… my week, my month!! :)

“I’m speechless! I’ve been struggling all day long with how to describe my feelings for these photos you sent, because all that is running through my mind is beautiful, beautiful, holy-cow beautiful. Allen and I are head over heels for all these images. These are so gorgeous and we couldn’t be more thrilled (so worth the wait). Your photos are insanely gorgeous and romantic. You captured every breathtaking moment and every sophisticated detail shot that we wanted (from location to food to even the texture). There is not a single detail shot that I don’t completely adore.

The entire wedding day felt pretty magical for us, we were lucky to have the clear blue skies right before the ceremony start. My favorite memory was during our ceremony, the exchanging of our vows, the cheering of our friends and family. That memory was really special and you have captured it so well. Looking at these amazingly beautiful ceremony shots, I can practically feel the warm breeze coming off the ocean again. YES, your photos bring back the memories so vividly.

I know you must get these type of thank you emails after every wedding you shoot! But I still can’t thank you enough, because you had captured each and every beautiful moment that holds a close place to my heart. In the end, it’s the photos that are important, because these are memories that we will cherish forever in our heart. You really went above and beyond for my wedding! Thank you so much, Laura!”


  • sarah wu - You deserved all the praises because you are truly amazing and talented!

Jasmine & Mickey were married at the beautiful Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista. Love this venue. LOVE this couple. J&M are so in love, so fun to be around and just have infectous personalities. I am so lucky to have worked with them and witnessed their amazing day. Every detail was so perfectly thought out and meaningful to the couple.

Here’s what Jasmine had to say after viewing her photos for the first time:
“Oh Laura! We HEART our photos! You did a great job capturing the day and how we truly felt that day in our hearts. Who knew so much emotional could be wrapped up in a pretty little picture!? Of all the friends and family I have shown the photos too, most have said, wow, you look SO incredibly happy in these photos (one even asked if I was drunk because I look so happy and excited! LOL! :)). Your ability to capture the love Mickey and I have for each other is amazing. We thank you for helping us keep that joyous day alive forever through your photography and art. While memories fade, photographs are forever. Your gift for photography is beautiful and I hope we have a chance to work with you someday again in the future.”

Aw, J&M, I heart YOU! Thanks guys for choosing me to be your photographer! XOXO!

Jasmine and her father surprised Mickey (and everyone) by changing the processional music halfway down the aisle
and dancing the rest of the way to Toni Basil’s “Mickey!”  It was such a fun moment!


Venue: Gale Woods Farm
Event Design and Coordination: McKenzie of Engageology
Bride’s Wrap *This is not actually pictured, as it was a warm day and the knit wrap was unnesscary, but you’ve got to check out these beautiful handmade wraps: Knit-n-Jules

  • Julie Schuett - You captured the moments beautifully, thank you for the amazing talent that made artwork of memories! Jules

  • Leah - Are you KIDDING ME? The details, the happiness, the photos? Amazing.

  • Jessica Barker - Beautiful, Laura! I love the details. :)

  • Gina - Laura these are utterly amazing. I love all the details and the color in this post. Fantastic job! So excited for you!

  • Beth Chaja - I love your work….which makes my daughter & son-in-law look like NON-work! So free and easy…capturing all the little details. Moments that happened speedily at the wedding & after, can now be enjoyed over & over…thank you for being there.

  • McKenzie at Engageology - Yay! These look fantastic Laura.

  • kristen - wow laura. these are magnificent!!!

  • Amanda - Beautiful as always. Love the pink flower balls hanging in the tree!

  • Roee Dori - Well, if at all possible, your work is even better than the last time I checked out your blog. The photo of the groomsmen jumping in the distance is a classic!

  • tasha - Laura, these are so incredible! I mean, really! I love the time capsule idea! I just photographed a 10-year anniversary party where they opened their wedding-day time capsule! SO sweet!

  • natalie - I love love love their design for this wedding! so cute!

Here is a little (okay, BIG) preview from Vil & Chris’ beautiful wedding day. The whole day was planned to perfection and expertly coordinated by Kirsten of Fab Event Design. I had such a great time working with the couple and their families! I loved the vibrant colors and beautiful ceremony and reception sites!

Here’s what Vil had to say after viewing the photos for the first time:
“Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Yay! I just spent like, forever looking at all of them. Thank you soooo much! Seriously…there are no words. I laughed, I cried…all over again! Mind you, I’m sitting in a computer lab at school all by myself. If anyone were to walk in, they’d think I was a weirdo haha. Thank you so very very much for capturing our day so marvelously. There just are no words to express how much I appreciate it and you!”

  • s h e r r y - :) Love these photos!! The ring shot is especially awesome.

  • Elizabeth Anne - These look amazing Laura! I’m with Sherry-the ring pic is hot! :)

  • Vilmarie - YAY!!! Thank you thank you thank you again! :-)

  • kirsten - awww…i love these two and i loved this wedding. FANTASTIC work, Laura!!!

  • Tiffany - My sister is in love with her dress- do you by chance know where she got it? :) I love the ring shot too!

I love my clients! I got this email from lovely bride, Rachel, and it totally made my day!! I am SO THANKFUL to get to do what I do and be a part of such an important day in my clients’ lives! See what Rachel had to say, and Happy Weekend everyone! :-)

“Hi Laura,

I DID receive the disk! We cannot stop looking at them!!. SOOOOO thankful for all you did for us! You work so hard and are so incredibly talented. I have never felt better about pictures of myself (and you know how girls are about pics of themselves). Anyways, I could rave about you all day! Nap too- he LOVES the pictures. And our families! And friends!

I’m sad I’m done working with you :(. I bet a lot of people say that. I just wish I could do it ALL again. Okay, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything!! I will keep following your blog and will tell everyone about you!

Alright, take care, Laura. It was wonderful to have you be a special part of our special day!!