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Meet Emma, Alex and their brand new pup, Roy.  I’m sort of obsessed. Not only with this adorable, sweet, big-hearted couple, but obviously with Roy as well.  It had to actually tell myself to stop cuddling Roy and start taking photos.  He’s that cute.  I love when my clients want to incorporate their furry family members into their photos!  We had the perfect summer night for photos.  Can’t wait for the big day next June at the gorgeous Camrose Hill Farm!!


Kelsy, Butch and Parker are regulars here on the ol’ blog! I adore this family more and more every time I photograph them. In case you don’t know, Kelsy & Butch are the fantastic duo that together form The McCartneys – amazingly talented film photographers based in Wausau, Wisconsin. Over the years, Kelsy & Butch have become my friends and I’ve watched their personal lives and business flourish. Isn’t their work incredible?! I’m lucky that they’ve documented my family too. I feel like I couldn’t say more than I’ve already said in the past, so check out their previous sessions here and here. ENJOY!!

  • Eric Schwanke - Laura, This shoot is fantastic! The McCartneys definitely have the cutest little family! I feel like they are always getting their photos taken and every time they turn out fantastic! Plus I don’t know if I have seen Kelsy without her glasses.


  • Megan McCarty - Kelsy, your eyes are a-maz-ing in these! Love to all of you!

  • Gina - FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SOS SO SO SO amazing! And I love Kelsy without her glasses!!!!!!!!

  • Erin Davenport - Freaking LOVE all of these! Kept thinking, aw now that’s my favorite. Only for that one to be replaced with a new one! Kelsy you look stunning and the three of you together are just perfection. Fabulous planning and excellent work Laura!

  • Nicole May - What adorable photos! Also, LOVE her blue dress. Where did she get it?

  • tasha - The colors, the cuteness, her eyes, the location… all on film… LOVE-ly!

  • Laura - Thanks so much for your sweet comments everyone!! Kelsy & Butch are so sweet together and so fun/easy to photograph. Plus, they are great stylists! :)

    Nicole May- both of Kelsy’s dresses are from Anthro!

  • Kendra - These two are ADORABLE. Love their style and how sweet they are together! Beautiful work as always, Laura!

  • Kelsy McCartney - STILL dancing around the room over here!!! Thank you SOOOO much, Laura!!! We feel so lucky to have spent time in front of your camera again and are even more lucky to have you as such a great friend!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! You completely made our day!! xoxo

Meet adorable Susan & Jon! They are the sweetest couple and I can’t wait for their September wedding at the gorgeous Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side. For their engagement session we headed to Central Park just blocks from their home. Susan & Jon were total troopers and you can’t tell from the pictures, but there was a major heat wave in the city during their session. They tolerated nearly 100 degree temps for the sake of photos!! Can’t wait for your big day, you two!

When discussing ideas for Seth & Amy’s engagement session, Amy came up with the idea to do their engagement session at the local Minneapolis Farmer’s Market! Seth & Amy enjoy weekend mornings perusing the market and thought it would be a fun and creative location for their photos. I love shooting at new locations and had a blast with this adorable couple!!

  • Ami - How cute – love these!

  • Dave - That’s a cool location idea. Very colorful and unique.

  • Jill Hendricks - They are sensational…you caught precious expressions!

    P.S. my son and future daughter-in-law :)

We ventured north to Alexandria for Lauren & Dillon’s engagement session at their family’s lakefront cabin property. The couple resides in Chicago, but wanted to do their session at this incredible location that means to much to them. I had an amazing time hanging out and exploring and I can’t wait for Lauren & Dillon’s sure-to-be-stunning soiree this fall at Aria with Lasting Impressions.