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Meet Nadyia & Abhik. They are as sweet as they are gorgeous! I ‘met’ Nadyia online years ago, so I was surprised and flattered when she remembered me and emailed to let me know that she was engaged! We finally met in person, and N&A decided to hire me as their photographer! I can’t wait to shoot their multi-day Hindu/Indian wedding next summer. It’s going to be amazing!

Roee Dori - Beautiful couple! Hindu weddings are stunning!

Aimee - WOW Laura! I think this is my favorite engagement session ever of yours…they are so cute! Can’t wait to see part 2. :)

Abhik Mitra - Very subliminal Laura! Love the pictures and you’re the best!

Nadyia - Laura, they keep getting better and better! Very excited to see the rest!!! We are totally gonna “LOVE” them ;-)

helgi - sooooo, beautiful and such a nice work LI!!!!

Dominique - These are so so beautiful. Love them.

Joe Federer - I love how bright and crisp and clean all these are — really amazing work, Laura. (and what a beautiful couple too!)

Amanda - Wowzers! I see some beautiful children in their future! :D



Andrea Worley - Oh, this looks truly magical! Love MN Fall! Awesome job!

Amanda - Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful and very warm! I love autumn! Where and when were these pics taken? The colors were PERFECT! My favorite is the last pic – looks like the trees are on fire.

Kirsten Mavric - Gorgeous. My kinds of colours x

Tiffany - Amazing! Just another reason to love fall- all the beautiful colors! :)

Lynne - I just LOVE the colors!

Ashley McCormick - Oh my gosh these are INCREDIBLE!! Those colors and the light! Just gorgeous Laura :)



This is a test shoot I’ve had in my mind for a while. I wanted to do sort of an American road trip shoot… my original vision was a little more route 66 and a little less county-road-Minnesota, but ’til I have time to travel, Minnesota will have to do! Rather than talk about the background and thought that went into this shoot, I really want to talk about my fabulous model, Jill. Many of my clients may recognize Jill as my summer intern. See how incredibly beautiful Jill is? Well her personality, drive, creativity, skill, and work ethic totally match. This girl is literally the total package. I was so grateful to have Jill around over the summer and I’m just not the same without her. Jill is finishing up her last semester of college in Wisconsin and I know she is going to go on to do AMAZING things! (And hopefully come by the studio from time to time.) We also happen to be cousins, so it’s not like I’m losing Jill forever- don’t feel too bad for me! I knew Jill and her trooper-of-a-boyfriend, Taylor, had the perfect All-American look for my shoot. Thank you guys so much for bringing my vision to life!

Also, a big, huge thanks to my hometown neighbors, Jon and Peg at Belle Plaine Auto Body for lending us their sweet 70s station wagon!

The entire shoot was shot on medium format film, Fuji Pro 400H.

Amanda - I absolutely LOVE all of these. I am related to such talented, beautiful people!

melissa oholendt - Film = pure unadulterated yumminess.

Kristen Drufke - Laura, This shoot is AMAZING! I think one of your best shoots ever. I love everything about it. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the details. Adorable!

Tiffany - Beautiful! I love the one with the heart in the map :)

Tabetha - Very awesome!

Whitney - Wooooweeeee! I love it! You had a good vision with this one.

David Drufke, Minneapolis - Love the concept. So now besides being a great travel photographer, you are also a great editorial photographer. Awesome!

liz - love it, love it. so beautiful.

stacy able - I heart this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill - Cute! I couldn’t agree more-Jill is so beautiful. Another great job Laura!

Amy - first I am in LOVE with the film! i want do buy a film camera, but i want to try one out first. i am having a hard time finding a way to get one in my hands to test first! i should just go buy one anyways! :) and second love this shoot idea .. you should have told me route 66 since it runs through oklahoma! haha! my favorite is the heart in the map! so cute!

Danielle - SOOOO beautiful! Love the idea, photography and the MODELS :)

Julia Mary - They’re all perfect! I love everything about this session.

kelsy mccartney - this is the CUTEST session!! such an adorable couple, and i love the style! fabulous job as always, laura!