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Ahhhh… this post brings me back to the glorious beaches of Mexico! Honestly, I am so darn lucky my job brings me the amazing places it does! If I weren’t a wedding photographer, I’m not sure that I ever would’ve had the pleasure to experience the gloriousness that is an all-inclusive resort. Before I actually went to one, I must admit, I was a bit of a travel snob. I preferred places more off the beaten path. However, I always try to keep an open mind! It may not be a cultural experience, but there is certainly something to be said about relaxing. Laying in the sun poolside or oceanside and listening to the ocean for hours. Dining leisurely (at 5 star restaurants, no less) without worry about where you’re dashing off to next. How often do we actually relax?! I’ve been to the Riviera Maya a few times now and each experience has been simply amazing. Like pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-here amazing.

When Sarah & Allen contacted me about shooting their destination wedding in Mexico, of course, I was elated! Right away I knew we were a perfect fit for each other. (Their blog post is coming very soon!!) Through Sarah, I was introduced to Diana, one of Sarah’s best friends, and a guest at the wedding. She wanted to capture a beach boudoir session in Mexico. Because of timing, we had to squeeze this session in early the morning after the wedding, before Diana headed back home to New York. Of course, there were torrential downpours (I didn’t find out May was borderline rainy season until the day I left for the wedding!), but we managed to sneak in a mini session by the pool and beach at our gorgeous resort, Grand Velas.

Diana, you are absolutely radiant! I was worried that Diana would be deterred by the rain; worried about her hair and makeup, but as you can see, Diana is a natural beauty and just rolled with the punches. She completely rocked the natural look and embraced the weather, wet hair and all. Thank you for the fun session!

For more information about boudoir sessions, please check out my Beauty & Boudoir website!


Diana - Thanks Laura for making my first experience back in front of the camera so easy & fun; I cannot wait for our next shoot.

Sheila Ramirez - You look absolutely beautiful, sweet and classy. Awesome pic Diana!



I wanted to share a tiny glimpse into my incredible experience in the beautiful city of New Orleans. I really had an amazing time here with my friends, heard some amazing music (including some of my favorite bands, like The Foo Fighters and The Eagles!) at Jazz Fest and cannot wait to go back. Maybe in 2013!

John Wilson - Gimme the deets!

What film, what cameras? How did you process your B&W film?

Natalie - I see you added the pay phone in there. :P

Christina - So gorgeous! I love that your passion for photography carries over into your personal life.

Jodi - Awesome! Miss it soo much!

Laura - Hi John, all of the images from New Orleans were captured on a Canon 1V. The B&W film is Ilford 3200, and the color is a mixture of Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400H. I don’t process my own film, I send it to Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, CA or Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood, CA. Haven’t found a local lab I love yet! Hope that helps!

Mollie - Very neat! Fun to see the little jokes and memories from the trip



In honor of St Patrick’s Day, a small group of friends and I decided to hop in a car, road trip to Chicago and celebrate. Now, I must confess, I’m not normally big on celebrating St Patrick’s Day; I mean, I’m not Irish in the least, and it’s just typically not on my radar, but Chicagoans take this holiday really seriously. Like, really. You can’t help but get in the spirit in this city! We had a good time out on the town and practically everyone we met had traveled to Chicago (from New York, LA) just for the occasion.

It was fun to partake in the festivities, but rather than sharing pictures of people dressed in green, drinking green beer, I want to share little bits and pieces of the city. I love cities and their architecture. Chicago is one of my favorites. I decided not to bring my “real” cameras and instead decided to document the weekend soley using Instagram, the most awesome app ever invented. Are you on Instagram?! Follow me @lauraivanova.

Jodi - Whiskey Tail Foxtrot:) Good times.

sarah wu - looks so fun… and beautiful pictures

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After Alaina & Mike’s gorgeous wedding at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, we had the chance to also capture a Just Married session with the couple the day after their wedding! I love these sessions because it’s a great chance to utilize a beautiful location, or just capture additional, laid back images of the newlyweds without the time and location restraints often confining us on the wedding day. Some photographers call these Day After sessions or Trash the Dress, but I like to call them “Just Married” sessions because a) you can do this anytime after you wedding, not just the day after; and b) you don’t have to trash your gorgeous gown unless you want to!

During this session Alaina, Mike, Whitney and I had such a fun time exploring the beautiful beaches of Watch Hill. I just love the casual, laid back vibe of this sleepy town. I am dreaming of returning as soon as possible!

I have to give a huge, special thanks to my amazing friend/colleague/associate/photographer extraordinaire, Whitney, who flew all the way from Minneapolis to NYC to meet me and endure a 4+ hour road trip up the I-95 across Connecticut to shoot this wedding with me! I’m sure Whitney will agree that all the travel was well worth it for this amazing couple and fabulous location. We really enjoyed our time with Alaina & Mike and exploring Watch Hill and Mystic, Connecticut. The food in Mystic… mmmmm, delightful!  (The ice cream was especially amazing!)

Of course, another big thank you to Alaina and Mike for being amazing hosts and entrusting us to be a part of your wedding weekend!! :-)

I love this last shot. This shot was Mike’s idea and sole request. It felt like a nice way to end the session!

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