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My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been! I absolutely love traveling and feel so invigorated, inspired, excited, and privileged to experience all the different cultures that this lovely planet has to offer. My husband is from Bulgaria and grew up in Bulgaria, and we try to visit his homeland as often as we can. Unfortunately, since 2004, that has only equated to a trip every two years, but I think everyone can understand how life just gets in the way. A trip to Eastern Europe (or anywhere!) involves coordinating schedules, taking time off work, not booking weddings, saving money, flying half way around the world. There are always dozens of excuses why we can’t travel, but we’ve really tried to make it a priority in our lives. Even though every two years is sporadic, to say the least, I feel lucky that we’ve been able to travel to Bulgaria so many times. It makes the visits really special and I can’t even imagine how much it means to my husband, who only sees his parents and the rest of his family every two years, or for special occasions, like weddings in Africa! These trips are a really big deal, so I appreciate all of my clients who have been so supportive when I jet off for 2-4 weeks during the middle of wedding season. Whenever we visit BG, we try to see new places within the country, as there is so much diversity and so much to see.

I realized while looking through these photos, and my photos from our last trip in 2010, that I barely take any pictures of my husband’s hometown, Sofia; the capital city. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it’s because it sort of feels like home to me. I rarely take pictures in Minneapolis or NYC any more (unless you count Instagram, which I do, of course) because I guess the novelty has worn off, so to speak. My next trip in 2014, I promise I’ll capture images that show a different side of Bulgaria! My husband wanted me to note that the images that I so love capturing, do not accurately depict life for the majority of Bulgarians. He was not a big fan of the car pic below (one of my favs!), but I happen to love those old villages, old junky cars, and those mountains. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from 2012. All of these images were captured on my favorite, my Contax 645, with Fuji Pro 400H film.  Enjoy!

Butch McCartney - Laura! This is SO great! I love what you wrote :) My favorite is the shot in the alley with smoke coming from the chimney!

Helgi - I love LOVE this Laura! Soooooo nice!

Kristina - I don’t go back that often either, and your note plus the photos inspired me to try a little harder and involve Geo in it as well. Kisses from me

Laura - Thank you, my lovely friends!! <3

tasha - Goodness! The country is lovely! Of course, your photos are stunning and have convinced me, I must travel there!

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Kendra - How much do I love this? Way, way too much. Beautiful work as always, Laura!!

Emilia Jane - !!! I leave for Paris in two weeks and absolutely cannot wait. This post is gorgeous and makes me even more excited :-D

Nina - Nice,Laura!!

Jackie Just - Laura – love the Bulgaria and Paris images from these two posts. So fun. Say, what’s the story with the rose covered car? Is this an art installation or someone that just really likes wiring fresh roses to their car?

Laura - Thank you everyone!! I’m not exactly sure of the story behind the rose covered van, but I think it was some sort of promotion?? We really just saw it in passing and I snapped a pic because I thought it was lovely! :)

Kimberly - Your accordion man est tres bien; the kind of street photography I adore and aspire to.

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In July, I had a chance to take a mid-summer break and sneak away during the craziness of wedding season to relax and refresh for a week in Boston and Cape Cod. It was such a lovely trip. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite images that I captured on my Contax 645. Thanks to my gal pals for hosting me!



I’m very excited to announce lots of travel for the month of September. I’m going to be out of the studio from Sept 6-24th. During much of this time, I will have very limited email access and no phone access. First, I’m headed to NYC for several engagements, meetings, and a fabulous Long Island wedding. Then, I’ll be departing for Bulgaria, where I’ll join my husband for a lovely 10 day vacation visiting the parents-, sister-, and grandparents-in-law. We only make it back to Bulgaria once every couple years, so needless to say, we’re ecstatic about this trip! Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated, as we spend every moment with our family, who we see far too rarely. On our way back from Bulgaria, we’re stopping over for a couple days in Paris, before heading back to Minneapolis. I have a brief time to sleep off my jet lag before heading up to Duluth for an amazing wedding that I’ve been looking forward to for over a year!! Yeah, it’s this couple, and it’s gonna be good! (Like, Royal wedding good!)

If you’re a prospective client, I’m so very excited to hear from you, and know that responding to your inquiry will be my top priority upon my return. You can contact me here.

Again, I appreciate your patience during this time! I have several blog posts scheduled while I’m away, so check back often. I’ll also try my best to post updates on my Facebook page and Instagram. In the meantime, feel free to check out our last trip to Bulgaria. Ciao bella!


Sarah Wu - Have a wonderful trip.. heehee I like that picture you just share above

Lizie - Have FUN sweet Laura!

Katja - Enjoy your trip Laura and have a wunderfull time in Europe! Paris is just a 4 hour drive from my home ;-)



Meet Elena & Andrew. Elena & Andrew live in Chicago. Andrew found me randomly via the internets, and from our first conversation on the phone, I was beyond excited about their big day. I have to be honest about something. Andrew is a really talented photographer, and although I’ve photographed many photographer’s weddings, it’s always just a smidge more nerve-wracking shooting for someone that also shoots weddings. But our visions aligned. Andrew (and Elena) trusted me implicitly and I have to thank them for that trust. Not to mention, I had the best second shooter a girl could ask for; my dear friend Yazy, of YazyJo Photography. Yazy is so very talented, you must check out her and her husband’s work.

Andrew and Elena are genuine and sweet and they made me feel so welcomed from the first second I met them, which happened to be at their rehearsal dinner! Their friends and family were equally as welcoming. They had huge, infectious smiles on their faces ALL DAY LONG!! You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at these photos, but it was downpouring the morning of their wedding. As the bride and groom got ready in their separate hotel rooms, I doubted we’d even be able to do outdoor photos, much less have the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour they had planned. But wouldn’t you know, the clouds parted, literally, right as we were scheduled to begin photos, and Andrew and Elena had the outdoor ceremony and sunshine they had dreamed of.

Andrew and Elena, thank you times one million!! I couldn’t say enough good things about you! How did I get so lucky to have such amazing, caring, fun, sweet clients?! Since you both love traveling so much, I hope to see you in NYC or Minneapolis soon! ;)

Andrew Stott - Laura, these are absolutely amazing!!! I mean, Elena and I knew they’d be GREAT, but COME ON!!! :)

Thank you again for your wonderful photos, and thanks too for your beautiful words — it was truly OUR pleasure working with YOU! The weather definitely worked out in our favor, and you and Yazy made us feel so at ease with the whole day.

Now, excuse me… I have to get back to flipping through the gallery and reliving the moments over and over!

Jeff DeNapoli - Laura these photos are ridiculous! I’m blown away — what an awesome job you and Yazy did. I saw the full gallery and all the rest are just as amazing as the ones in this post. I love your style and you made it fun for everyone. It was nice meeting you!


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