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Welcome to region of Cappadocia in Central Turkey!  Several years ago, I read about this magical place, famed for it’s otherworldly landscape and hot air ballooning.  I immediately put it on my travel bucket list, and this spring I was lucky enough to visit this unique area of the globe.  We stayed in a cave hotel, rode on the most incredible hot air balloon adventure at sunrise, drove ATVs, tasted local wines, and enjoyed delicious Turkish food- perhaps my favorite cuisine of anything I’ve ever tried.

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across Bulgaria, GreeceIstanbul, and Russia.}

cappadocia_film_photography_01 cappadocia_film_photography_02 cappadocia_film_photography_03 cappadocia_film_photography_04 cappadocia_film_photography_05 cappadocia_film_photography_06 cappadocia_film_photography_07 cappadocia_film_photography_09 cappadocia_film_photography_10 cappadocia_film_photography_11 cappadocia_film_photography_12 cappadocia_film_photography_13 cappadocia_film_photography_14 cappadocia_film_photography_16 cappadocia_film_photography_17

I wanted to share a few snippets of my recent travels to Istanbul.  This is my second trip to this incredible city (see the first here) and I fell even more in love.

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across BulgariaGreeceCappadocia, Turkey, and Russia.}

turkey_travel_photography_01 turkey_travel_photography_02 turkey_travel_photography_03 turkey_travel_photography_04 turkey_travel_photography_05 turkey_travel_photography_06 turkey_travel_photography_07 turkey_travel_photography_08 turkey_travel_photography_09 turkey_travel_photography_10 turkey_travel_photography_11 turkey_travel_photography_12 turkey_travel_photography_13 turkey_travel_photography_14 turkey_travel_photography_15 turkey_travel_photography_16 turkey_travel_photography_17 Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset turkey_travel_photography_19 turkey_travel_photography_20 turkey_travel_photography_21 turkey_travel_photography_22 turkey_travel_photography_23 turkey_travel_photography_24 turkey_travel_photography_25 turkey_travel_photography_26

Greece.  I love this country.  Every visit has been fantastic and there is so much to explore.  I learned about Meteora from a past groom who is a professor of Geogolgy at Boston College.   To put it mildly, he is obsessed with rocks (!!) and had spent some time during his PhD program studying in Greece.  The geological landscape is unique in the world and when he was describing it to me (over a bottle of wine on the gorgeous cliffs of Capri, Italy) I vowed I would go.  Meteora is famed for six monasteries that are built into the shear sandstone cliffs.  You can read more about it here.

Meteora is a bit off the beaten path.  It’s in the middle of the county and not nearby any major cities, at least by European standards.  We decided to make the 7 hour driving trek in a rental car from Sofia, Bulgaria.  What an adventure.  We were ill prepared, not even thinking to have a few Euros on us.  (Which is necessary in rural Greece where ATMs are not a’plenty!)  We were without data on our phones and didn’t even have a map.  We somehow made it to Meteora (signs in Greek are hard to read!) and even more astonishingly stumbled upon our hotel (among what seemed like hundreds!) without having to ask for directions! :)

Meteora was everything I dreamed it would be!  It is the perfect place to hike, explore, have picnics on rock cliffs, drink wine on rock cliffs, enjoy leisurely meals of delicious fresh Greek food, and to just relax.  The monasteries seem to grow out of the cliffs and it is just a spectacular site.

On the way back to Sofia, we stopped for a short visit in Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki- a beautiful port city on the Aegean Sea.  It’s a 4 hour drive from Sofia and I’ve visited the city several times before.  We wandered the markets and enjoyed an amazing lunch.  A few photos below were captured there.

Can’t wait to go back to Greece!

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across Bulgaria, Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey, and Russia.}

meteora_greece_01 meteora_greece_02 meteora_greece_03 meteora_greece_04 meteora_greece_05 meteora_greece_06 meteora_greece_07 meteora_greece_08 meteora_greece_09 meteora_greece_10 meteora_greece_11 meteora_greece_12 meteora_greece_13 meteora_greece_14 Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset meteora_greece_16 meteora_greece_17 meteora_greece_18 meteora_greece_19 meteora_greece_20 meteora_greece_21 meteora_greece_22 meteora_greece_23 meteora_greece_24 meteora_greece_25 meteora_greece_26 meteora_greece_27 meteora_greece_28 meteora_greece_29 meteora_greece_30 meteora_greece_31 meteora_greece_32 meteora_greece_33 meteora_greece_34 meteora_greece_35 meteora_greece_36 meteora_greece_37 meteora_greece_38 meteora_greece_39 meteora_greece_40

In April & May, I spent four weeks traveling abroad in Eastern Europe.  My husband grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria, where his parents and grandparents still live and every other year we make a trip to see them and visit his home country.  My sister-in-law and her husband also joined us from Arusha, Tanzania, so the entire family was together!  This visit was unique because after a week alone with my family in Bulgaria, three of our friends from Minneapolis joined us to visit.  It was quite an adventure! Our time in Bulgaria was spent exploring areas off the beaten path, where most American tourists would never get to visit!  I think my friends would agree that the highlight of the trip was a visit to an old Bulgarian psychic, who lives in a remote mountain house outside a tiny village in rural part of the country.  We had to hike up a mountain to see her!  And it was unanimous- her readings were spot on!  I had last seen the psychic in 2008 and her reading proved to come true, so I was eager to introduce her to my friends!  Besides for that, we spent time wandering the countryside and exploring small towns and villages, in addition to time in the capital  city of Sofia.  We had tons of traditional, fresh food and salads.  Thanks to my mother-in-law for being an amazing host and cooking us the best meals of the trip!

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across GreeceIstanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey, and Russia.}

bulgaria_travel_photography_01 bulgaria_travel_photography_02 bulgaria_travel_photography_03 bulgaria_travel_photography_04 bulgaria_travel_photography_05 bulgaria_travel_photography_06 bulgaria_travel_photography_07 bulgaria_travel_photography_08 bulgaria_travel_photography_09 bulgaria_travel_photography_10 bulgaria_travel_photography_11 bulgaria_travel_photography_12 bulgaria_travel_photography_13 bulgaria_travel_photography_14 bulgaria_travel_photography_15 bulgaria_travel_photography_16 bulgaria_travel_photography_17 bulgaria_travel_photography_18 bulgaria_travel_photography_30 bulgaria_travel_photography_19 bulgaria_travel_photography_20 bulgaria_travel_photography_21 bulgaria_travel_photography_22 bulgaria_travel_photography_23 bulgaria_travel_photography_24 bulgaria_travel_photography_25 bulgaria_travel_photography_26 bulgaria_travel_photography_27 bulgaria_travel_photography_28 bulgaria_travel_photography_29 bulgaria_travel_photography_31 bulgaria_travel_photography_32

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Let’s take it back to the year 2000 today! I had recently graduated from high school in small town Minnesota and moved to Fargo, North Dakota to pursue my degrees in Architecture and Interior Design. I was going to be living in the dorms and was randomly placed with a international student from Japan. Luckily, the new roommate and I hit it off very well and since she was a sophomore (and I knew exactly 0 people at NDSU) I started hanging out with her and her friends. She was a member of the International Student’s Association, which just happened to have a very cute Bulgarian president! This Bulgarian president and I seemed to cross paths often. I don’t remember specifically meeting him, but we had mutual friends, worked at the same on-campus job, and saw each other at parties and events.

This randomly placed roommate turned out to be so serendipitous. I met so many international students from all over the world which sparked my love for travel and exploration. But most importantly, it led me to my now husband. After a couple years of running into this cute Bulgarian boy, we eventually started dating, eventually tied the knot, and now we will have been married 9 years in July. (HOLY CRAP!!!) As soon as we started dating we fell head over heels in love and it wasn’t long before he invited me to Bulgaria. It wasn’t exactly your typical “meet the parents” scenario. I had to fly 5,000+ miles to meet them. Of course, we were poor college students, so we had to purchase the cheapest fares ever, and if I recall correctly, we had about 15 connections to get to Bulgaria! I remember showing up at the airport, nervous as can be, jet lagged beyond belief, feeling like I desperately needed a shower. We made our way to my in-laws home, and there waiting was a sweet, little, wide-eyed girl named Florina. Flori was only 15 at the time (heck, I was only 22!). I wasn’t engaged yet, but I was pretty sure this girl was eventually going to be my sister-in-law and I was so nervous to meet her. Maybe more nervous than meeting the parents. Flori studied English and spoke pretty well, but back then communication was more limited. We bonded over painting our nails together and our mutual love of her brother!

The next time I saw Flori (and my in-laws) was at my wedding. After that, Flori moved to Minnesota to study, and eventually she met a boy too. He was from Tanzania and they fell in love. Before we knew it, we found ourselves celebrating at their wedding, 1 day before our own six year wedding anniversary! Anyone who sees Flori and Mo together can immediately see how in love they are. (Or if you’re on Facebook, you can just check out Mo’s annoyingly sappy Facebook status updates!!! ;) I’m really happy my little sis found a man who loves her so much and treats her so well. Our family time together is limited since we live on three different continents, but it was so good to be in Bulgaria in last month. I captured a few photos for Flori and Mo. Miss you guys so much!

sofia_portrait_session_01 sofia_portrait_session_02 sofia_portrait_session_03 sofia_portrait_session_04 sofia_portrait_session_05 sofia_portrait_session_06 sofia_portrait_session_07 sofia_portrait_session_08

  • Inga - Lovely couple! But those trees are out of this world :)