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Happy Friday!! For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing some personal images that I’ve captured illustrating the streetscapes of New York. I love wandering this city and documenting it on film. Check out past blog posts here, here and here.

  • Kendra - These are great, Laura! I love the lines mixed with the grungyness of film. SO Nyc! Also love the crazy cat tag. Great work, as always!

I love experimenting with toy cameras when photographing personal projects. I am fascinated by the architectural characteristics that make each neighborhood distinguishable in New York City. The color images below were captured on the world’s smallest 35mm camera and the black & white images were captured on my Holga. Love both of these plastic, rudimentary cameras. These images were taken in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn.


A couple frames from Long Island City, Queens… I captured these on the smallest 35mm camera in the world. I love this little camera, roughly the size of my iPhone, because it’s convenient to carry around. Not only that, but it captures images on half of a 35mm film negatvive- basically on a 36 exposure roll I get 72 half sized images. Love these tiny, mini frames. I have been sifting through some of my personal film images from 2011 and came across these two images that I had previously overlooked. I especially love the shot of the elevated train. More from NYC coming next week…

When I’m in NYC one of my favorite activities is wandering aimlessly along the city streets. The nooks and neighborhoods in New York are endless and I love every square inch. For those who are curious, I am currently in Minneapolis, but still traveling back and forth, booking weddings in both Minneapolis and the the New York area. I am really excited about all the amazing couples I will get to work with this year from the East Cost to the Midwest to Mexico and a few stops in between! I am still booking select dates in 2012 and would love to chat with you if you are planning your wedding for this year! :)

Back to New York. I spent 6 months of 2011 living and working in the city, and in the in between time I focused on documenting the diverse cultural neighborhoods, which I’m planning on presenting in a mini-series on the blog! Stay tuned.

‘Til next time, enjoy a shot from last winter in one of my favorite neighborhoods- the Upper West Side.

Image captured on the Contax 645, Fuji 400H film

Hi friends!! Maybe this is your first time visiting my little slice of cyberspace here on my website. If this is the case, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here!! However, if you’ve been here before you may have noticed that things are just a little bit different! I’m so very excited to unveil my little (BIG!) project that I’ve been working on for the past couple months- my revamped website and logo. Things aren’t drastically different, just a bit of an upgrade. My old website hadn’t been updated since 2009 and it was long overdue. Not to mention that flash is so…well, 2009! :) I’m joking, but I disliked that my old flash portfolio wasn’t viewable on iPhones and iPads and wanted something more universally usable. Not to mention, maintaining a blog AND portfolio website wasn’t the best use of time. Now things are a bit more streamlined and everything is in one place!! I am especially proud of my brand new galleries. Although it was hard to narrow my entire portfolio down to only a handful of shoots and weddings (seriously, I’ve been lucky to photograph so many amazing wedding days and sessions!!), I now have featured galleries available for your perusal. The fun part about these galleries is that the viewing can be controlled with the keys on your keyboard or by swiping your touch-screen device! So high tech! :) The fun part of the reveal… I actually coded this website entirely on my own! I can’t believe it myself! What started as simple experimentation, snowballed into my drive to figure things out and make sure everything was just so. I’m such a perfectionist and once I got started, I couldn’t stop. My graphic design background sure came in handy on this one. Normally, I am a big proponent of hiring professionals for tasks such as this, but this just happened so organically!! So, here you have it. Welcome to the new site!

Big thanks to ProPhoto Blogs! Their sites for WordPress are fantastic and can be customized into anything you could possibly dream of. Even better, their customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! If you’re a photographer (or anyone) looking for a website or blog, I would highly recommend them! Really, they are the best!

Also, I need to again thank my branding designer, Aurora, from Red Organic. I could never say enough good things about Aurora- she is beyond talented. She designed my complete branding a couple years ago and I still LOVE the look as feel just as much today. This is definitely a case where hiring a professional is worth every single penny and then some. If you’d like to read the post about our branding process from back in Feb 2010, you can check it out here.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a big thanks to Rosann Konieczny for her calligraphy services and my new, slightly updated logo and fun signature (below this text!!). Rosann is so great to work with and specializes in providing brides with calligraphy services.

  • Amy - Oooh!! I love how everything is so sleek! I love the galleries and how they are displayed! Such a pretty site Laura! You did a great job updating everything! Also the new logo update is beautiful!

  • tasha - It’s gorgeous, Laura!!