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I think we can all agree that Jessica is beautiful, but I can tell you that her inner beauty matches her outer beauty! Jessica is an amazing photographer, so I was very honored when she asked me to capture updated portraits of her for her website. We have been friends for many years, as we began our businesses around the same time and helped each other through the beginning struggles… Jess is an incredible person and has been my sounding board, my advice, my guidance in so many ways. When much of your workday is spent alone (photographing makes up very little of what we actually do!) other photographers become your coworkers and I’m so lucky to have an amazing network of friends in this industry. Especially Jess.

Jess has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis this year and she wanted these new images to showcase the new her! We went shopping together and came up with these fabulous looks for Jess, and I think she looks absolutely stunning. Thanks to Emily J for Jess’ hair and makeup.

  • Jessica - Thank you SO MUCH Laura! You do amazing work and I honestly couldn’t have asked for better photos. You are so talented and have became such an amazing photographer since you’ve started. I love and value your work and most of all our friendship. You have been such a great friend to me..Thank you again!

  • Holly - Oh my gosh these are so beautiful! Jess you look great! Amazing pics (as always) Laura!

  • kirsten - gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous!!!

  • Julia Mary - These are fabulous Laura and Jess, you look amazing!!

In July, I had a chance to take a mid-summer break and sneak away during the craziness of wedding season to relax and refresh for a week in Boston and Cape Cod. It was such a lovely trip. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite images that I captured on my Contax 645. Thanks to my gal pals for hosting me!

I’m very excited to announce lots of travel for the month of September. I’m going to be out of the studio from Sept 6-24th. During much of this time, I will have limited email access and no phone access. First, I’m headed to NYC for several engagements, meetings, and a fabulous Long Island wedding. Then, I’ll be departing for Bulgaria, where I’ll join my husband for a lovely 10 day vacation visiting the parents-, sister-, and grandparents-in-law. We only make it back to Bulgaria once every couple years, so needless to say, we’re ecstatic about this trip! Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated, as we spend every moment with our family, who we see far too rarely. On our way back from Bulgaria, we’re stopping over for a couple days in Paris, before heading back to Minneapolis. I have a brief time to sleep off my jet lag before heading up to Duluth for an amazing wedding that I’ve been looking forward to for over a year!! Yeah, it’s this couple, and it’s gonna be good!

If you’re a prospective client, I’m so very excited to hear from you, and know that responding to your inquiry will be my top priority upon my return. You can contact me here.

Again, I appreciate your patience during this time! I have several blog posts scheduled while I’m away, so check back often. I’ll also try my best to post updates on my Facebook page and Instagram. In the meantime, feel free to check out our last trip to Bulgaria. Ciao bella!


  • Sarah Wu - Have a wonderful trip.. heehee I like that picture you just share above

  • Lizie - Have FUN sweet Laura!

  • Katja - Enjoy your trip Laura and have a wunderfull time in Europe! Paris is just a 4 hour drive from my home ;-)

I wanted to share a tiny glimpse into my incredible experience in the beautiful city of New Orleans. I really had an amazing time here with my friends, heard some amazing music (including some of my favorite bands, like The Foo Fighters and The Eagles!) at Jazz Fest and cannot wait to go back. Maybe in 2013!

  • John Wilson - Gimme the deets!

    What film, what cameras? How did you process your B&W film?

  • Natalie - I see you added the pay phone in there. :P

  • Christina - So gorgeous! I love that your passion for photography carries over into your personal life.

  • Jodi - Awesome! Miss it soo much!

  • Laura - Hi John, all of the images from New Orleans were captured on a Canon 1V. The B&W film is Ilford 3200, and the color is a mixture of Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400H. I don’t process my own film, I send it to Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, CA or Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood, CA. Haven’t found a local lab I love yet! Hope that helps!

  • Mollie - Very neat! Fun to see the little jokes and memories from the trip

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, a small group of friends and I decided to hop in a car, road trip to Chicago and celebrate. Now, I must confess, I’m not normally big on celebrating St Patrick’s Day; I mean, I’m not Irish in the least, and it’s just typically not on my radar, but Chicagoans take this holiday really seriously. Like, really. You can’t help but get in the spirit in this city! We had a good time out on the town and practically everyone we met had traveled to Chicago (from New York, LA) just for the occasion.

It was fun to partake in the festivities, but rather than sharing pictures of people dressed in green, drinking green beer, I want to share little bits and pieces of the city. I love cities and their architecture. Chicago is one of my favorites. I decided not to bring my “real” cameras and instead decided to document the weekend soley using Instagram, the most awesome app ever invented. Are you on Instagram?! Follow me @lauraivanova.