Minnesota is notorious for our brutal winters. And, the inhabitants (myself included) are notorious for complaining about the weather! :) Truth by told, though I definitely complain from time to time, I adore the four seasons. Yes, even winter. I don’t often shoot outside in the winter, but it’s always fun when I do, even when I can’t feel my fingers or toes for hours afterwards.

Meggie & Todd braved the cold for their engagement session in downtown Stillwater. The wanted to honor the quaint, little, riverside town they’ll soon call home and we explored the adorable facades and streets of this pretty city. Despite the cold (it was waaaaayyyyy colder than Meggie & Todd make it look in their photos!), we had a blast and I don’t this this so-in-love-duo could possibly smile any larger! After shooting downtown, we headed to a little secret spot along the St Croix river that Todd told me about. I’d love to shoot at this gorgeous spot again soon.

Meggie & Todd, thank you for being brave, never once complaining, and for the amazingly fun session! Your wedding in July can’t come soon enough!

Images captured on the Contax 645, and Canon 1V with Fuji 400h, and Ilford XP2 film


Welcome to the world, sweet baby Howie! Howie’s parents are friends of Grey’s parents and I was so excited when they emailed to schedule a session for their soon-to-be-born baby boy. Mom & Dad made parenting look easy and seemed like total naturals only a week in! :) I couldn’t be more smitten with baby Howie, and I have a feeling he has that effect on everyone he meets.

Images captured on the Contax 645, and Canon 1V with Fuji 400h, Ilford XP2 film

blog_title_decoration2016 | ADVENTURES

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

2016 started and ended in Maui, which is a-ok by me!! In between, I didn’t collect as many stamps in my passport as I normally do, but several months this year were devoted to selling our old home, buying a new one (we struck out 7 times before we got an accepted offer on the one!!), and moving into a new studio space the very same weekend we closed on both houses. Needless to say April-July flew by in the blink of an eye. Before and after that, I had the opportunity to visit Cuba (which has been on my bucket list since the inception of my bucket list), the Cayman Islands (including puddle-jumping to Little Cayman), Phoenix, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Boston, Cape Cod, Chicago (for Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour!!), The Bahamas, NYC, North Carolina, and finally, Oahu & Maui for my 4th annual birthday trip, though it wasn’t solo this year- I traveled with my entire immediate family!

2016 was also the year of new cameras. I found the perfect medium format film travel companion: the Mayima 6 (all the square images you seen below were captured on this camera). I also got a new iPhone 7+ (after being robbed in the Bahamas! Travel always keeps you on your toes!).

Now that life is back to normal, 2017 is sure to be an amazing year too! Cheers to lots of adventure!

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