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I wanted to share a few snippets of my recent travels to Istanbul.  This is my second trip to this incredible city (see the first here) and I fell even more in love.

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across BulgariaGreeceCappadocia, Turkey, and Russia.}

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Carly & Tim are getting married!  Carly is a fellow photographer (check out her lovely work on her website!) and when she reached out to me, I was so flattered and humbled that she wanted me to document her and Tim’s engagement and wedding! Carly has such a great eye for fashion and styling (and really anything creative!!) and I knew their engagement session would be perfection! When she told me they chose Taylors Falls as the location, I was even more excited.

Carly and Tim are truly the sweetest couple.  Gorgeous inside and out.  They are so affectionate towards each other and give the best hugs!  They aren’t afraid to get a little silly! Not to mention that they have the cutest little boxer pup, Molly!  I have a soft spot in my heart for black and white dogs, and if Molly’s good looks don’t win you over, her disposition certainly will!  I had so much fun spending the evening with these three exploring the bluffs and chatting about the wedding, home decor, DIY projects, and more.

Counting the days till the big day!

taylors_falls_engagement_film_01 taylors_falls_engagement_film_02 taylors_falls_engagement_film_03 taylors_falls_engagement_film_04 taylors_falls_engagement_film_05 taylors_falls_engagement_film_06 taylors_falls_engagement_film_07 taylors_falls_engagement_film_08 taylors_falls_engagement_film_09 taylors_falls_engagement_film_10 taylors_falls_engagement_film_11 taylors_falls_engagement_film_12 taylors_falls_engagement_film_13 taylors_falls_engagement_film_14 taylors_falls_engagement_film_15 taylors_falls_engagement_film_16 taylors_falls_engagement_film_17 taylors_falls_engagement_film_18 taylors_falls_engagement_film_19 taylors_falls_engagement_film_20 taylors_falls_engagement_film_21 taylors_falls_engagement_film_22

  • Jody Savage - These are gorgeous! Love her style and long hair!!

  • Carly LaVigne - Laura! .. My goodness! These images could not be more perfect! My heart is so overwhelmingly filled with joy right now! I am speechless. What a perfect way to start off my week! (Could I use any more exclamation marks to get my excitement across?!!!)

    I cannot thank you ENOUGH for capturing such beautiful moments between me and Tim (and Molly)! .. the bug bites and humidity were well worth it! :) These images are a perfect display of our relationship and who we are together. I cannot wait to put them in an album and up on our walls so that we can live in these little moments over and over again, every day; What a beautiful reminder.

    We are so blessed and thankful to have you as our photographer.


  • Helgi - Omg, this couple is a typical “Laura” couple, the Dog? SO cute!!!!


Meet Kendra & Matt, two incredibly talented photographers, and their beautiful daughter, Evie. I originally met Kendra digitally through social media circles, but we officially met in person on a random flight from Boston to Minneapolis.  Kendra and Matt were living there at the time, but traveling back and forth for weddings, and I was in Boston visiting a friend.  Our flight was delayed and I remember being particularly irritated.  I had my headphones on and was leaning up against a wall (likely scowling), when an adorable blond came up and introduced herself.  I begrudgingly pulled my earbuds out before I realized who it was (sorry Kendra!). Luckily she forgave me and we hit it off right away! We also happened to be seated in the same row, and one of our fellow passengers traded seats so I could sit right next to Kendra and and Matt and chat the whole way to Minneapolis.

Fast forward a couple years and now Kendra & Matt’s family has grown!  They have a tradition of having family photos taken on their wedding anniversary and this is their first anniversary with Evie.  I must be honest, although I love babies (especially smiley, adorable, giggly babies like Miss Evelyn), I don’t typically photograph them. I love weddings and they’re definitely my passion and the foundation of my business. But, I trusted that they trusted my abilities and vision, and I couldn’t resist Evie’s sweet little cheeks.  Seriously, could this baby possibly be any cuter?! Plus, I knew that Evie can’t walk (or run; away from me) so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give a family shoot a try. I shot this entire session on film, and just had fun with this amazing family.  Thanks Kendra & Matt for trusting me to document your beautiful love!



Gosh, Emma & Alex, where to begin?  It was truly one of those wedding days where everything was perfect.  Sure, it rained.  A lot.  But, the bride and groom embraced it.  It was one of those days when I was driving home, giddy, with a huge smile on my face, because I truly felt so honored to work with such amazing people.  I got big hugs when I left, not only from Emma & Alex, but from members of the wedding party, and the entire group and their families really made me and my crew feel so welcomed.  The entire day was just joyful.

It was also beautiful!!  The bride and groom put so much love into this wedding day.  So did all the vendors:
Coordinator: Marissa from Wonderful Day Weddings
Venue & (seriously spectacular) Florals: Camrose Hill Flower Farm
Bride’s gown: Jenny Packham from L’atelier Couture
Invites: Chelsea Pectaja
Catering & Cakes: Deco

Congrats Emma & Alex!  I am so happy for you as you begin this new chapter in your lives.  (With your adorable pup Roy!)

camrose_hill_wedding_photography_01 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_02 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_03 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_04b camrose_hill_wedding_photography_05 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_06 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_08 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_09 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_10 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_11 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_12 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_14 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_15 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_16 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_17 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_18 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_19 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_20 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_21 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_22 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_23 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_24 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_25 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_26 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_27 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_28 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_29 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_30 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_31 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_32 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_33 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_34 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_35 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_36 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_37 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_38 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_39 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_40 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_41 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_42 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_43 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_45 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_44 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_47 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_48 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_49 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_50 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_51 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_52 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_53 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_54 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_55 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_56 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_57 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_62 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_61 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_59 camrose_hill_wedding_photography_60a

  • FALL/WINTER 2014 PUBLICATIONS » Laura Ivanova Photography | FILM WEDDING & LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER IN MINNEAPOLIS & NEW YORK CITY - […] Emma & Alex’s beautiful June 2014 wedding at Camrose Hill Flower Farm was featured in one of the midwest’s most beautifully curated and designed publications, Dainty Obsessions.  Not only did their wedding grace 8 pages of the magazine, but Emma and her maid of honor, Andrea, were also featured on the cover with their beautiful gowns (Emma’s from L’atelier Couture) and blooms by Camrose Hill.  Emma and Alex’s wedding was stunning, with so many heartfelt moments and beautiful details.  Emma crafted many of the details herself include the watercolored placecards and the menu.  Her bouquet was accented with greenery-turned-gold (with the help of a little spray paint) for a completely one-of-a-kind effect. […]


I absolutely adore this couple and their little pup, Scout!  We started at their gorgeous home in Edina for family pics with Scout, then we headed to the Minikada Club, where Jane & Peter met many years ago.  We finished the session on Lake Minnetonka; Jane & Peter love summers at the lake and spend all their free time up north at their family cabin, where they’ll tie the knot in September. They wanted to incorporate a summery, nautical feel to their engagement session, since they love being on the water.  Thanks to Tina Beaupre for Jane’s makeup, Julie Swenson for her hair and helping out the entire session, and to Kerry Ciardelli for letting us use your amazing vintage boat and for styling it so perfectly!

Counting the days ’til September!!

lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_01 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_02 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_03 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_04 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_06 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_07 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_08 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_09 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_10 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_11 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_13 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_12 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_14 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_15 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_16 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_17 lake_minnetonka_boat_engagement_20