Never again shall I complain about the heat in Minneapolis and/or New York!! Saint Louis puts it all to shame! Even when the temps in Minneapolis are soaring, and the heat index is 106 (humid heat, bear in mind!), and even when Minnepapolis is the hottest most humid place on the planet (that happened a few weeks back in July), I shall never again complain, because heat is the norm in St Louis! But, Irina & Steve and their amazing friends and family braved the heat. Irina is a friend of mine and when I found out she and Steve were getting married at their grad school alma mater, where they met and fell in love, I was beyond excited for them. Irina is Bulgarian and went to high school with my hubby in Sofia, Bulgaria- how cool is that? Over the years, I’ve become friends with Irina, and although this was the first time I met Steve, I knew immediately, he was an amazing guy! It was such an honor to document their wedding day! I loved seeing all the Bulgarian traditions sprinkled throughout the day. Traditions I hadn’t seen since my own wedding!

Congrats Irina & Steve!! xx Laura