Des & Nolan’s up-north destination wedding in Brainerd, Minnesota, was selected to be featured in The Knot Minnesota Magazine! I loved their vibrant colors and amazing bear-themed stationery! (Their dog’s name is Bear, so it was perfectly fitting for this couple!). See more from their big day here on my blog and also check out their engagement session, where Bear makes his photographic debut!



It is always an honor to be featured in the gorgeous Minnesota Bride Magazine! Kate & Kyle’s gorgeous green & brown soiree was selected to be featured as a Real Wedding in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue! You can check out my photos from their celebration here, or hop on over the Minnesota Bride site to read and see more.

Also, a photo from Kristi & Kevin’s wedding was featured in an article about bridemaid’s attire. (Their photo is on the upper left, below.) I love that Kristi chose non-traditional colors for her fall wedding.  You can check out their wedding feature on my blog or read what Kristi had to say on MN Bride’s site. And, a photo from Anna & Chris’ wedding was featured in a fun write-up about bridal footwear. Anna chose the cutest beaded T-strap heels (lower right, below)!  Read the article here or see more from Anna & Chris’ big day on my blog!


I could write 1,000 words about each of these images. My husband and I journeyed to Arusha, Tanzania in July to attend his sister’s wedding and it was such a wonderful trip. Not only did we get to witness his baby sister tie the knot, but the our entire experience in Tanzania, with our family, was amazing.  We feel so fortunate and grateful.

Tanzania is unlike any place we have traveled before. My mother-in-law came from Bulgaria, and we spent the entire trip together, prepping for the wedding, attending the wedding, then sightseeing after the big day.  Lucky for us, my sister’s new family happens to own a safari company called Simba Safaris and they treated us to three safari adventures around Tanzania!  Seeing animals in nature, interacting and living in harmony…it’s indescribable.  We saw so many different animals, including hippos, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, gazelles, hyenas, wild boars (Pumbaa!!!), and more.  Everyone always asks, “How was the trip?,” but it’s impossible to succinctly describe.  I can’t wait to go back and experience even more. I’d love to see more of Arusha (our base city) and I really, really want to climb Mount Kilamanjaro! So many great adventures to come.  Although it’s difficult to have family who lives so far away, it’s also an adventure having family on three continents.

Last, but certainly not least, infinite thanks to my sister, brother-in-law and their family who graciously hosted us for the duration of our trip.  We were immediately welcomed as family, even though we had just met, and were so taken care of.  Thank you.

PS- Did you know “simba” means “lion” in Swahili?

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Random photography note, but all of these images (except for a handful of Holga or Golden Half images) were shot with a 24, 50 or 100mm lens. (The majority on a 50.) I didn’t bring my huge 70-200 telephoto lens with on this trip. I had wanted to travel as light as possible, but I regretted this decision immediately. But, this fact also illustrates how close we were to the animals in nature. I also have a new appreciation for wildlife photography. It is extremely difficult!


Meet Megan & Andy! Megan is another one of my beautiful cousins that is gracing the blog this week! (I guess I’m getting old since all of my younger cousins are getting married! ;)) Megan & Andy chose to do their engagement session at our Grandparent’s famous farm! I’ve done a number sessions there now and it’s such an amazing location. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for letting us shoot there and home-cooking us a meal when we were done at 9:00p! Andy brought along his very awesome truck for our session, which he just inherited from his Grandfather. His Grandfather actually bought it brand new in 1978. At the end of the session Andy let me drive the truck and it was first time driving a stick on the column. Very fun!