floral_elementJANE, PETER & SCOUT

I absolutely adore this couple and their little pup, Scout!  We started at their gorgeous home in Edina for family pics with Scout, then we headed to the Minikada Club, where Jane & Peter met many years ago.  We finished the session on Lake Minnetonka; Jane & Peter love summers at the lake and spend all their free time up north at their family cabin, where they’ll tie the knot in September. They wanted to incorporate a summery, nautical feel to their engagement session, since they love being on the water.  Thanks to Tina Beaupre for Jane’s makeup, Julie Swenson for her hair and helping out the entire session, and to Kerry Ciardelli for letting us use your amazing vintage boat and for styling it so perfectly!

Counting the days ’til September!!


Susan & Eric were married on a perfect day in May on a private farm in Butternut, Wisconsin.  My trusty side kick, Whitney, accompanied me to this wedding, and we were so excited to make the drive up north.  Northern Wisconsin is just beautiful- there’s something about the woods and the calm serenity.  I love it!  As we approached the farm a series of handcrafted signs led the way, until finally we spotted the gorgeous red barn in the distance… What an amazing spot to become husband and wife!!

The bride and groom planned the most fantastic day filled with special moments, a unique ceremony, and fun and vibrant personal details.  I had tears in my eyes during the ceremony, and it was especially touching that Susan’s dad was able to meet her at the entry of the barn, and escort her down the aisle.  Susan is the youngest in a big family of 8 siblings, and the last to get married.  Her dad wasn’t sure if he would be able to walk down the aisle, but he joined Susan and gave her and Eric big hugs at the altar!  Both sets of parents blessed the rings before the bride and groom placed them on each other’s fingers.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed sweets and lemonade on the lawn, before we headed to Norwood Pines Supper Club in Minoqua for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.

I’d be remiss not to mention my amazing friends, Kelsy & Butch, a husband and wife film photography duo from Wausau, Wisconsin.  Kelsy is Susan’s niece and one of her matrons-of-honor, and introduced me to her sweet aunt.  You can catch photos of Kelsy & Butch below! Butch is the one holding the polaroid camera!  :)  Thanks also to Evolutions In Design for the stunning florals, and Bob Holl, who provided many laughs and entertainment as the MC and DJ at the reception.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  I hope for you a life of bliss, love and adventure!!  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day!

floral_elementMETEORA, GREECE

Greece.  I love this country.  Every visit has been fantastic and there is so much to explore.  I learned about Meteora from a past groom who is a professor of Geogolgy at Boston College.   To put it mildly, he is obsessed with rocks (!!) and had spent some time during his PhD program studying in Greece.  The geological landscape is unique in the world and when he was describing it to me (over a bottle of wine on the gorgeous cliffs of Capri, Italy) I vowed I would go.  Meteora is famed for six monasteries that are built into the shear sandstone cliffs.  You can read more about it here.

Meteora is a bit off the beaten path.  It’s in the middle of the county and not nearby any major cities, at least by European standards.  We decided to make the 7 hour driving trek in a rental car from Sofia, Bulgaria.  What an adventure.  We were ill prepared, not even thinking to have a few Euros on us.  (Which is necessary in rural Greece where ATMs are not a’plenty!)  We were without data on our phones and didn’t even have a map.  We somehow made it to Meteora (signs in Greek are hard to read!) and even more astonishingly stumbled upon our hotel (among what seemed like hundreds!) without having to ask for directions! :)

Meteora was everything I dreamed it would be!  It is the perfect place to hike, explore, have picnics on rock cliffs, drink wine on rock cliffs, enjoy leisurely meals of delicious fresh Greek food, and to just relax.  The monasteries seem to grow out of the cliffs and it is just a spectacular site.

On the way back to Sofia, we stopped for a short visit in Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki- a beautiful port city on the Aegean Sea.  It’s a 4 hour drive from Sofia and I’ve visited the city several times before.  We wandered the markets and enjoyed an amazing lunch.  A few photos below were captured there.

Can’t wait to go back to Greece!

{This trip was part of a month long adventure across Bulgaria, Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey, and Russia.}
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