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For me, the end of a year is bittersweet.  Though I love the promise of a fresh new year, and all that is to come, I also love to reflect back on the past year and all the emotion and celebration and struggles and pure joy that it held.  I apologize if this sounds redundant (because I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again!), but I am grateful beyond words to work with the sweetest, most gracious, most loving couples.  You know how exciting it is to attend a wedding?  To celebrate?  To laugh and cry as a new couple promises forever to each other?  I get to do that week after week, and I absolutely love it.  Thank you to the couples (and their families and friends!) who welcomed us into their beautiful days and trusted us to capture all the big moments, the small details, and everything in between.  No really.  Thank you.

2014 was perhaps the best year yet. It started out with a bang with destination weddings in New Orleans and Mexico and brought me and my team all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and New York.  We shot at the most beautiful locations and worked with incredible vendors who helped bring our couples’ visions to life.  It’s always hard to narrow down a full season of weddings into a concise number of images because each day is so special and every image sparks a memory.   Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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And, just for fun, a look back at 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2009.

  • Emilia Jane - What a stunning year! Cheers to you dear.


I am so incredibly lucky to work with such amazing couples!  Not only are my clients the sweetest people on earth, but they plan seriously jaw-droppingly gorgeous weddings!!

Sophie and Andy’s September 2013 wedding at the Calhoun Beach Club was featured in a beautiful spread in Brides UK!  Sophie’s family is from England, and their wedding included many cultural touches, so it was especially fun to see their wedding in the pages of this particular magazine.  Thanks to their amazing planner, Sarah, of Lasting Impressions!  This wedding was so fun and colorful and completely unique!

Brides_UK_01 Brides_UK_02

Emma & Alex’s beautiful June 2014 wedding at Camrose Hill Flower Farm was featured in one of the midwest’s most beautifully curated and designed publications, Dainty Obsessions.  Not only did their wedding grace 8 pages of the magazine, but Emma and her maid of honor, Andrea, were also featured on the cover with their beautiful gowns (Emma’s from L’atelier Couture) and blooms by Camrose Hill.  Emma and Alex’s wedding was stunning, with so many heartfelt moments and beautiful details.  Emma crafted many of the details herself include the watercolored placecards and the menu.  Her bouquet was accented with greenery-turned-gold (with the help of a little spray paint) for a completely one-of-a-kind effect.

Dainty_Obsessions_01 Dainty_Obsessions_02 Dainty_Obsessions_03 Dainty_Obsessions_04 Dainty_Obsessions_05

Alexandra & Steve’s summer 2013 wedding, hosted at the bride’s childhood home on Lake Minnetonka was featured in The Knot Minnesota.  No surprises here, but Alex owns her own wedding planning company based in Boston, Sable Event Styling and Design.  Together, her and Steve created a romantic, ethereal celebration and hosted one of the most fabulously fun dance parties of all times!  Their wedding was also featured in Style Me Pretty!

The_Knot_MN_02 The_Knot_MN_03

Annie & Michael’s bright and colorful August 2013 soiree, also expertly coordinated by Sarah at Lasting Impressions was featured in one of my favorite local magazines, Minnesota Bride.  For those that didn’t already know, I’m a huge dog lover, so Annie & Michael’s wedding day will forever be extra special to me because they so thoughtfully incorporated their beloved Frenchie, Lyla!  In fact, in the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog race up the aisle to the newly pronounced husband and wife at the end of the ceremony!  Thanks to the Semple Mansion, not only for serving as the venue for this incredible day, but allowing Lyla to be a part of it all!  The amazing florals are by the bride’s mother, who just happens to be the designer behind Celebrations Floral. And, if you have a few minutes, be sure to check out Annie & Michael’s film by my favorite, John Hoel of Vibrant Film. He is amazing!

MN_Bride_01 MN_Bride_02

  • Sarah - Congrats!!! Well deserved.


Earlier this fall, on a rare wedding-free-weekend,  I traveled to Mass/New Hampshire for a weekend getaway. One of my childhood friends resides in Boston, plus I’ve become good friends with one of my wedding couples (who were married in Italy in 2013!!) who also happened to have moved from Minneapolis to Boston.  While my friends mostly worked, I spent a couple days wandering the city and eating at the most amazing vegetarians spots (like here, here, here and here), then we headed out for a weekend trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We hiked Mount Lafayette, one of the highest peaks in the range, which has a 3900′ elevation gain over 4 miles, with a 5249′ summit.  It was challenging, but the reward at the top was pretty amazing!

new_hampshire_travel_01 new_hampshire_travel_02 new_hampshire_travel_03 new_hampshire_travel_04 new_hampshire_travel_05 new_hampshire_travel_06 new_hampshire_travel_07 new_hampshire_travel_08 new_hampshire_travel_09 new_hampshire_travel_10 new_hampshire_travel_11 new_hampshire_travel_12 new_hampshire_travel_13 new_hampshire_travel_14 new_hampshire_travel_15 new_hampshire_travel_16 new_hampshire_travel_17 new_hampshire_travel_18 new_hampshire_travel_19 new_hampshire_travel_20 new_hampshire_travel_21 new_hampshire_travel_22

  • Catharine - I always love to see gorgeous photos of your travels and adventures Laura!